Since October 2021, we launch a one year beta period for our Stock management module to provide to our customers a fully integrated IT solution and manage all their maintenance activity in application. Now, The Skyzen’s MIS is offering a suite which can manage various aviation activities such Airworthiness, Maintenance & Stock.

This module offers the benefits to be fully integrated to the inspections done in the Maintenance module. In this way, your mechanics can directly select in your stock in the parts consummed in the inspection. When the inspection is closed, the consummed parts are immediatly removed from your stock and your stock is up to date.

As Skyzen is designed for aviation, you can track your parts with serial number or batch number and you are also able to define a minimum stock. If this minimum is reached, you will receive notifications to remember you to purchase the parts below minimun. With this module, you can also do your countings, print some reports such as the “available stock at date” for your accountability.

Thanks to the cost information about your parts and your hour rate, Skyzen is able to provide you the cost of each inspection. You can also have access to the part’s cost and the man hour cost.

Dashboard of inspection costs
Cost View for the MRO Admin

After two month of utilization, we are continuing to add small improvements to help the activity of our customer and make Skyzen more easy to use.

This module will be improved with purchase management to help our customers to monitor their orders and Sales Management which will make you able to monitor gross margin on each inspection and print a customer version of the inspection cost.

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