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The origins of Skyzen are in 1995 with the creation of AMSCI, an airworthiness and maintenance management software for General Aviation. AMSCI had been cofounded by Georges Abrial, father of Jean-Christophe. This software was the first to offer a solution to solve these problems. It had been used by many flying clubs including ISAE Supaéro. However, AMSCI modified to be use on web.

Skyzen started from scratch with the features of AMSCI. Our goal is to use the digital technologies for aviation. Thanks to the feedbacks of AMSCI’s customers, we have added new features and real collaboration between all aviation stakeholders.

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Our Mission

The ambition of Skyzen is to create an international collaborative platform which include all the aviation stakeholders. The aim is to have the aircraft in the middle of the exchange and according his role, each user can consult and submit data he needs. This data will follow the aircraft during whole life no matter where the aircraft is in the world. In this way, the traceability is very high which is a huge safety improvement.

The cofounders

Skyzen cofounders

Jean-Christophe Abrial


Jean-Christophe is a passioned engineer. Always motivated to create new features and solve functional problems. With his 25 years of experience on ERP, he brings his expertise and his vision on the functional and technical architecture of Skyzen in order to answer to the needs of aviation. 

He is gratuated from ISEN Lille and has got a MSc in the King’s College and Entrepreneurship Master at HEC Paris.

Jean Abrial

Jean is a versatile professional. He is passionate by new digital technologies. His will is to offer intuitive solutions to general aviation, to improve operational efficiency.

Before Skyzen, Jean was student at ISEN Toulon. He was president of the Junior Enterprise of his school. He started to work on Skyzen during his MSc dissertation at Heriot Watt University.

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