Inventory management integrated to maintenance, procurement and sales

With Skyzen, your visits could be fully integrated into your logistics to improve your traceability, simplify your follow-up and reduce your costs.

Manage Logistic activity in one tool with simplicity !

With this module you follow your stock, your margins and your purchases with a simple tool.

Benefits of Skyzen

  • Save time in your Inventory management

    Skyzen is fully integrated with the maintenance module. Thus the parts consumed during the visit are automatically removed from your stock and the associated Form1 are deposited in the visit files.

  • Monitor your costs and margins

    Keep a real-time view of the costs and margins of each of your visits, which will allow you to prioritize the activities with the highest added value.

  • Maximal Traceability

    Have a complete view of each stock movement made in your company and quickly find where each part has been used.

Our features improve your efficiency


Fully integrated to maintenance module

The parts consumed during the visit are automatically taken out of your stock, which allows you to always have an up-to-date stock


Real-Time Inventory

Have a view of your stock with different levels of precision (Serial Number, Batch Number, Warehouse, Location)

Maximal Traceability

Keep your history of parts consumed in order to have a complete view of the movements made by a part during its passage through your warehouses.


Warehouses & Locations management

2 possible levels of precision with management by warehouse or by location in order to have a detailed follow-up of your warehouses.

EASA Form 1 & FAA Form 8130

Load your compliance documents directly upon receipt of the parts and track them throughout the life of the part.


Procurement Management

Manage your suppliers and track the various orders you have placed with them.

Cost Monitoring

Skyzen allows you to follow the detailed costs of each maintenance and thus allows you to have a detailed follow-up of the price of each type of maintenance for each aircraft.

Margin Monitoring

Follow your purchase and sale prices as well as your costs per hour to have an accurate gross margin on each maintenance.


Be notified when your stock of a coin drops below a minimum level or when a lot expires.

Simple Training & Deployment

Thanks to feedback from our users, we are constantly improving Skyzen to make it as easy to use as possible. Thus, it takes a maximum of 1 month to build skills on each module.

Choose a new experience for you and your team

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