We use the Part M Light regulation to manage airworthiness of your aircraft.

Do you want to have a better view on the next inspections of your aircraft ? Save money & preserve the value of your aircraft?

Safety & Simplicity

Manage the airworthiness of your aircraft. You submit your flight logs and you are notified when you must bring your aircraft to a workshop

Benefit’s of Skyzen

  • Regulatory Compliance
    Your aircraft will always be regulatory compliant whien he will be on Skyzen. We perform a technical documentation watch on the document released by the authorites (EASA, FAA, …) 
  • Preserve the value of your aircraft
    Skyzen’s thorough tracking of your maintenance history shows prospective buyers what maintenance has been completed as well as what is coming due. On Skyzen, the risk of hidden maintenance issues is removed from the transaction. The result is a higher resale value and a more marketable aircraft.
  • Visibility on next maintenance
    Skyzen provides you dashboards with hours, days, cycles lefts for each of your aircrafts and an estimated date for the next maintenance. In this way, you can anticipate the next inspections with the MRO and the CAMO.

Airwothiness Managements that suits your needs

We provide you different conditions that suits your needs and your budget.

Our features improve your efficiency


Create/Import Flight Logs/ Technical Logbook

Create accounts for your pilots to let them enter their flight data or import their logbook directly in Skyzen.

Real-Time Airworthiness

By providing flight logs on Skyzen, you can access in real time the flight hours, cycles and days left on each of your aircrafts

Maximal Traceability

Keep your inspection’s history online and check it when you need. The inspections are linked to the aircraft during it whole life even if the owner or the maintenance workshop change.


Skyzen is available in English and French. We can add easily a new language if required.


Receive email notification when your aircraft is getting close to the next inspections.

Multiple Site Management

Manage your aircrafts or pilots on multiple sites. Select the site where your aircraft is operating from.

Logbooks you can import in Skyzen


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