Skyzen is currently in Free Beta !

We are currently doing tests on Skyzen. We want to do test with the following types of aircrafts :

Single Engine, Twin Engine, Piston, Turboprop, Helicopter, Jet, ULM, Drone  

Do you want to test Skyzen during the Beta ?


Frequently Asked Questions


How is Skyzen billed ?

Skyzen’s fares depend on the number of flight hours per year, the EASA classification of the aircraft and its number of engines. The tracking of an aircraft is billed as a monthly subscription and the opening of a visit is charged to the unit.

How to know if Skyzen fits to my needs ?

Contact us for a demo and we will answer to all your questions. 

How To Get Started With Skyzen ?

Contact us to discuss about your needs. We will need the list of your aircraft and its equipments. You will have a free trial for 3 months with one of your aircrafts.

What happened with the data of my previous tool ?

The data can be recovered and integrated in Skyzen at the initialisation of the account. This data recovery will be charged.

Ready To Take off?